Pinoy Lotto

Version 2.0
The original mobile application for latest PCSO Lotto Results!
Pinoy Lotto is a handy and trusted mobile application that caters latest and in-sync PCSO lotto results for a wide variety of lottery games provided by the PCSO.
  • A universal iOS application.
  • Supports 8 major lottery system available in the Philippines.
  • Up to date PCSO lotto results. Always brings you the latest results.
  • History details starting from year 2002 onwards.
  • Dynamic Hot and Cold numbers
  • Push Notification, so you won't forget!
  • Engaging Lucky Pick feature
  • Favorite numbers, all in one place
  • PCSO lottery game information
  • Compare Numbers - get excited to see daily results!
  • Statistics (Coming soon)
  • Absolutely free for life with no ads
  • Quick Top 5 Result view
Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Requires iOS 6.0 or later. WiFi, Edge, LTE or 3G network connection is required.
Coming Soon:
There's no official application yet for Android devices.


Pinoy Lotto is all about giving PCSO lotto results information provided by the official website of PCSO. This mobile application will engage the user to bet more and more each day as they see how jackpot prizes grows each week!

Pinoy Lotto brings you the simplest, most intuitive and the only first and original mobile application to give you the latest and complete results in-sync with official PCSO website.

Pinoy Lotto is 100% free to use and download on the Apple App Store. You won't find any ads popping up and/or nagging you to click and no personal information is being collected throughout the use of the mobile application.

The official Pinoy Lotto logo and icon was designed and crafted by my talented UI/UX friend, Joseph Mark Vedua.


Version 2.0

Released on February, 2013
  • NEWRevamped user interface from the ground up.
  • NEWUniversal iOS application
  • NEWSupports 8 major PCSO lottery games
  • NEWLotto History
  • NEWPush Notification
  • NEWCompare Numbers
  • NEWHot/Cold Number analysis
  • NEWRevamped Lucky Pick

Version 1.0

Released on October, 2010
  • NEWInitial Release



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